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Constructive criticism can be helpful to Mid-Columbia Children’s Council (MCCC). Families and members of the public are encouraged to make their concerns known and to give MCCC an opportunity to review and address those concerns. All complaints will be kept confidential and only include staff on a need-to-know basis. At no time will a complaint compromise a family’s ability to access services or negatively impact the staff/child or staff/family interactions. Follow the steps below to submit a complaint.

Step One: Initiating a Compliant

Any member of the public who wishes to express a complaint should discuss the matter with the employee involved at the respective location. It is the intent of Mid-Columbia Children’s Council to solve problems and address all complaints as close as possible to their origin. The employee must respond to the complaint within 2 business days. If this does not resolve the complaint or the complainant is not addressed within 2 business days, then the complainant is encouraged take a Community and Family Complaint Form (available on our website or at each center) and proceed to Step Two. Both MCCC and the complainant will receive a copy of the form.

Step Two: Center Coordinator

The complainant should contact the Center Coordinator to schedule a time to discuss their complaint a seek resolution. Center Coordinators should respond to the request and schedule a meeting within 5 business days. If not completed already, the Community and Family Complaint Form will be used to document the meeting. If this does not resolve the complaint or if such a discussion is not practical under the circumstances, then proceed to Step Three. Ensure the complainant has a copy of the form with any updated documentation.

Step Three: Childcare Director
and Executive Director

The Community and Family Complaint Form will be submitted to the Childcare Director or Executive Director depending on the scope and the nature of the complaint for review to develop a solution. The Childcare Director or Executive Director will contact the complainant within 5 business days and if needed have 10 business days to schedule a meeting with the complainant to seek a resolution. Additional documentation will be added to the original complaint form. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the resolution at this level, then the complainant may proceed to Step Four. Ensure the complainant has a copy of the form with any updated documentation.

Step Four: Policy Council and Board

The complainant may appeal the step three resolution to the Policy Council and Board. This appeal must be submitted in writing by means of the Community and Family Complaint Form along with any additional documentation. The Policy Council and Board will hold separate meetings to review the step three resolution and take such other evidence as they deem appropriate. All parties involved, including the management team, may attend such meetings for the purposes of presenting additional facts and clarifying issues. The governing bodies have 45 days to respond to the complainant.

The Policy Council, Board, or complainant may request to hold the meeting in Executive Session. The Board will ensure that the complaint meets ORS guidelines for the executive session. If the complaint reaches this step, documentation will be in the minutes of the Policy Council and Board meetings.
If a resolution cannot be met via the governing bodies, MCCC will contact the funding agencies as required.

At any point in this process, the person initiating the complaint may choose to contact the funding agency directly.

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