In addition to offering early-education programs, MCCC offers a comprehensive set of Family Support Services to all enrolled families. Each of the services listed below plays a vital role in a child’s intellectual and physical development–ensuring they are set up for success in both school and life.

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Healthy Meals

Through the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), healthy snacks and meals are provided to all children enrolled in an MCCC program. In addition, a nutrition assessment is conducted to determine growth and development, diet and physical activity. With parent permission, our staff will conduct hemoglobin screenings on all Head Start children and Early Head Start children who do not utilize WIC services. Parents will receive copies of screening result. Nondiscrimination Statement

Health Services

Current well child exams are required for all children in the program within their first 90 days of enrollment. A sick visit to your Medical Provider cannot count toward meeting this requirement.

If health needs are identified during a screening or exam, our staff will support parents in following up with all health referrals. If your child has a health referral, they must be seen by a medical professional before the end of the school year.



Immunizations must be current at the time of enrollment. The following immunizations are required for our program: DTaP, Polio, MMR, HIB, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A (Oregon only), Varicella and PCV (Washington only).

Washington requires all immunizations to be current prior to enrollment (children not up-to-date will be excluded from class or group social until they are current). Oregon requires a minimum of one dose of each vaccine prior to enrollment (those not current by Oregon’s exclusion day (3rd Wednesday in February) will be excluded from class or group social until they have been brought up-to-date).

Immunization Rates – MCCC Centers

Immunization Rates – Counties

Dental & Vision

Current dental exams are required for all children in the program within their first 90 days of enrollment. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child visit the dentist by his/her first birthday.

With parental permission, our staff conduct hearing and vision screenings on all children within their first 45 days of enrollment. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in screenings. Parents will receive copies of screening results.

Prenatal Services

Our program serves pregnant women in all four counties. Enrolled pregnant women will receive education on the benefits of breastfeeding, prenatal and postpartum depression, fetal development, nutrition and the importance of oral health during pregnancy. Once the pregnant woman has delivered her baby, our staff will complete a home visit to address any concerns and to also enroll the infant into our Early Head Start program.

Mental Health

The goal of the services provided by our Mental Health Specialist is to make school a positive experience for your child by helping build on strengths to address social, emotional and behavioral concerns. We also link families with community resources that can assist families in resolving their own concerns.


Attendance is paramount to your child’s education, this is why Mid-Columbia Children’s Council provides bus transportation to many MCCC centers. With safety as our number one concern, children are required to follow bus rules at all times and parents must have their children ready ahead of time–as not to delay the bus route schedule. Upon enrollment, a home teacher will discuss the School Bus and Pedestrian Safety rules.


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