Our growth and evolution.

MCCC’s history is long and storied. Beginning with the establishment of the Head Start program in the 60’s, we have been providing services to our local communities for decades.


“I believe that this is one of the most constructive, and one of the most sensible, and also one of the most exciting programs that this nation has ever undertaken.”

The History of
Early Education

During World War II, the US implemented a large, well-funded childcare system in order to help mothers join the workforce. The system supported families of all incomes—with two-thirds of the cost covered by the government and the balance paid by parents. These programs were incredibly popular. Research shows that in addition to helping families during the war, adults who participated in the system as children were employed at greater rates, earned more money, and were less liable to require cash assistance then their peers who did not participate. Children from low-income families realized these positive effects and in some cases achieved a greater level of success, than their more affluent peers.

The Inception
of Head Start

In January of 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared The War on Poverty in his State of the Union speech. Shortly thereafter, Sargent Shriver brought together experts to develop a child development program to help communities meet the needs of disadvantaged preschool children. Since it’s creation in 1965, Head Start has provided child development services for 32 million children. These services cultivate the growth of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development ensuring they are ready for kindergarten.