A Warm Welcome from MCCC Head Start!

On behalf of the staff at Mid-Columbia Children’s Council, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. To the returning families, welcome back. To the new families, welcome to our large Mid-Columbia Children’s Council family. We are happy that you’re here.

Not only is the beginning of the school year much anticipated by your child, but by our staff as well. We are excited to meet and get to know you and your son or daughter. If you’re a returning family, we always look forward to seeing how much your son or daughter has grown and learned over the summer.

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MCCC Adopts Sanctuary® Model

Mid-Columbia Children’s Council has adopted theSanctuary® Model because we recognize and understand the connection between trauma and behavior. TheSanctuary® Model has proven to reduce physical aggression and promote a safe, non-violent atmosphere for everyone. Sanctuary is a cultural model rather than a treatment intervention and helps staff and families to discuss behavior using a common language. For additional information pleaseVISIT www.createsanctuary.org

Volunteer Opportunities

MCCC utilizes volunteers to provide community partnerships reaching beyond the classroom.  The personal engagement our employees and volunteers provide creates a lasting impact with the community, families and children.  Volunteers focus their efforts and energy in providing a high quality learning environment. 

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Prominent Researchers Support Head Start Funding


We understand that due to growing federal deficit, we are entering a period of significant cuts to non-security discretionary spending. At a time when America’s economic survival and global competitiveness is at stake, while child poverty in America is also soaring, we consider cuts to Head Start and Early Head Start extremely short-sighted.

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Head Start is Leading the Way in the Lives of Many

Happy Birthday, Head Start!

NHSA wants to wish Head Start a very happy birthday as we turn the wise age of 52! Over the last few months, we have been baking up a present for you – not a cake, but still very sweet.

We’re thrilled to present to NHSA members our brand new documentary, “The Head Start Advantage.”

This 18-minute documentary film explores the lives of Head Start students, parents, teachers, and alumni working to envision and create a better world for all Americans.

Watch the film and you’ll get to know Head Start families throughout the country and see first-hand how the program has given more than 33 million Americans a head start on their education.

In the film, we meet Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation; Sylvia Acevedo, Interim CEO of Girl Scouts of America; and Cornell William Brooks, President of the NAACP, all Head Start alumni and lifelong advocates for the program.

Collectively, they paint a moving picture of Head Start’s enormous impact as an investment in our nation’s greatest resource: our children. It takes a visual dive into the findings of five decades of early childhood education research vividly illustrating how education begins at birth.

We hope NHSA members enjoy this special birthday present and use this short film to share with your community the impact of the Head Start advantage.

Happy Birthday!

Head Start makes a difference in people’s lives from the parents involved in governance to the children who are now adults with changed lives.head-start  our-headstart

Linked above is a 15 minute video about Head Start titled Leading The Way and a link to multiple Head Start  Alumni Testimonies.  Click on the icons above to view the videos.