Enrollment Process

Classroom openings are filled throughout the year.

If an opening is available:

  • Your application is accepted and a copy is sent to the teacher
  • The teacher calls you to let you know that you or your child has been accepted
  • An appointment is made at your convenience to complete the Registration paperwork
  1. Please bring the following items to this appointment
    1. Up-to-date Immunization Records for the enrolling child
    2. Up-to-date Well Child Exam results (appointments for ear ache, sore throat and other medical problems are not considered Well Child exams)
    3. Current Dental Exam results
    4. Medical cards or Insurance information
    5. Name and address of Family Physician
    6. Name and address of Family Dentist

If you do not have one of the required documents at that time, we will work with you to obtain the information needed.

If no opening is available:

  • Your application is processed and you are placed on the Waiting List:
  1. A letter is sent to you
  2. When an opening is available you will be notified